makeup-12010060_s Wake-Up in Make-Up!

    Most women, old and young alike, have very busy lifestyles. Daily make-up application and constant touch-up can be a time consuming, not to mention expensive process. Permanent make-up cosmetics, also known as micro-pigmentation, are a wonderful way to enhance your natural glow and reduce the need for the time-consuming application of traditional make-up for lips, brows or eyeliner. The application of permanent make-up is a light, always natural looking addition that allows you to go make-up free. And many women use it as a natural base for daytime. You can easily add more traditional make-up for evenings and more dramatic looks.

    How is it applied and who is it for?

    Application is simple and quick.  Pigments are implanted into the dermal layer (second layer of skin) through a technique that has been specifically designed for this procedure. Permanent make-up is perfect for anyone who is undergoing long-term medical treatments, allergic to traditional cosmetics, has sparse or light eyebrows, has unsteady or arthritic hands, or simply wants to look more naturally beautiful.  It can be a real time-saver for any woman who spends a great deal of time outdoors or is heavily involved in strenuous activities like athletics.  You will find this a perfect solution to bump up thinner lip lines and to make eyes pop for with those with lighter lashes

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