stem-cell-innovationsCongratulations! You’ve made the decision and the investment to enhance your primary asset – your skin. Now, how do you maintain the new and improved, younger-looking you? At Alternatives we offer the same skincare regimen that a number of today’s leading Hollywood actresses and make-up artists use.  Developed by a leading Beverly Hills, CA dermatologist, Alternatives recommends and retails the unique and innovative skin treatment product line, Skin Cell Beauty Innovations.


    Alternatives is the exclusive area distributor of Stem Cell Beauty Innovations (SBCI). These age-defying products will both energize your skin & recapture your youth with the power of O-PLACENTA™. Revitalize and regenerate your skin cells with the latest technology in stem cell science without the use of any harsh chemicals.

    Our powerful source of O-PLACENTA™ skin food provides daily cellular renewal, reduces inflammation, and hydrates the skin. As a result, your skin will be restored to its younger, more vibrant state. The products also include anti-oxidants and super-enriched ingredients including chamomile, grape seed, aloe vera, kiwi seed oil, and lavender.

    At Alternative’s we are trained to assess your particular skin situation and help you select the best products for your needs to maintain your new look.  Among the products available:

    STEM CELL DAILY GOLD SERUM – Our unique formulation addresses all signs of aging and inflammation.

    STEM CELL MOISTURIZER – Replenishes moisture and creates smooth radiant skin.

    STEM CELL CONCENTRATE – Effectively restores moisture and repairs and tightens the skin.

     STEM CELL EYE FIRMING CREAM – Lightens under eye dark circles and treats fine lines and wrinkles.

    VOLCANIC ASH ANTIOXIDANT EXFOLIANT – Gently removes dead skin cells to brighten skin.

    ANTIOXIDANT LIGHTENING CLEANSER – Lightens the skin while it cleanses and moisturizers. It has a gentle non-irritating formula appropriate for most skin types.

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